img_1041.jpgThe special day just wants music… it’s easy to imagine nice classical music resounding as you walk to the altar. It’s also easy to picture a smooth acoustic trio bringing the spark to the afternoon reception. Finally it’s easy to think of the walz you’ll dance to open the evening or the rock and pop you’ll enjoy for your party.

It’s very hard to imagine a silent wedding day.

Circle of times takes pride in performing the music that will contribute making your special day perfect.

You may include a song that has a special meaning for you in your choice, Circle of time will arrange and play it exclusively for you, if it is musically possible.

Your best man may select a given sequence, or you may leave it to the band’s discretion to chose to play a mix of romantic, joyful and definitely danceable pieces that will fit all ages and suit all types among your guests, but most of all will be played for you.


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