About Circle Of Time

Circle Of Time is a party and event band with a stage presence that will captivate most audiences form the first song on with its energy and international feel.

At a Circle of time night you’ll expect anything from today’s chart hits back to the most prominent rock classics, pop anthems… you name it.

Some arrangement are faithfully close to the original, others are interpreted in a more ambitious flavor ; in all cases the mission of the band is a happy crowd.

The founders of the band are Eddie and Dimi. Back in 2010, Eddie and his lead guitar found their way from Mexico to Switzerland, where he developed and relentlessly followed the vision of a band dedicated to making the audience have a good time and to create an enjoyable show. Soon he was joined by Dimi whose drumming from a completely different eastern european background gave the band its characteristic pulse.

The adventure has not stopped since, lead vocals and bass have been taken care of by different dedicated artist at all time.

Circle of time has performed at countless events and given concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Italy since.

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